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Total Shots
On Target
Off Target
90 Full Time
90 Foul by Dom Marie on
90 Corner for Marine
90 4 added minutes
89 Germano Mendes clears corner
89* Corner for Stalybridge Celtic
88* Corner wasted
88* Corner for Stalybridge Celtic
88* Theo Bailey-Jones sees his shot saved
84 Walton a long way off his line, rounded by striker and rolled in from 20 yards
84 GOAL! Scored by Dom Marie!
83 Danny Mitchley caught offside
80* Foul by Greg Wilkinson on Kenny Strickland
77* Greg Wilkinson clears corner
77 Corner for Marine
76 Sub: Dom Marie for George Lomax
74 Sub: Liam Tongue for James Edgar
74* Foul by Liam Dickinson on Kenny Strickland
69* Theo Bailey-Jones forces keeper into a great save!
67 Peter Wylie clears corner
67* Corner cleared for another corner
67* Corner for Stalybridge Celtic
66 Foul by George Lomax on Oliver Roberts
63* Foul by on George Lomax
62* Sub: Sebastian Julien for Tom Brown
59* Tom Brown shoots over
56* Sub: Jake Charles for John Cofie
54* Alex Honeyball caught offside
52 Yellow card for Philip Baker
52* GOAL! Scored by Liam Dickinson!
52 Penalty conceded by Philip Baker bringing down Liam Dickinson
51 Danny Mitchley shoots wide!
50 James Edgar clears corner
50* Theo Bailey-Jones's shot pushed round the post: corner
48 Foul by James Short on Danny Morton
47* Greg Wilkinson shoots over
46* Kick off - Stalybridge Celtic
45 Half Time
45 Germano Mendes clears corner
45* Corner for Stalybridge Celtic
45 Yellow card for Peter Wylie
45 Foul just outside the box by Peter Wylie on John Cofie
43 Deep cross, struck sweetly
43 GOAL! Scored by Danny Mitchley with a volley! - Assist by Vinnie Bailey
42* Oliver Roberts sees his shot saved
42 James Edgar shoots but it is an easy save
39 Michael Brewster clears corner
39* Greg Wilkinson's shot pushed round the post: corner
36* Sub: Danny Morton for Oliver Crowley
36* Injury to Oliver Crowley
34* Tom Brown sees his shot saved
33* Theo Bailey-Jones shoots over
31 George Lomax caught offside
29 Foul by Peter Wylie on John Cofie
27* Liam Dickinson clears corner
27 Corner for Marine
24 Whipped in cross, thumping header
24 GOAL! Scored by James Edgar with a header! - Assist by Peter Wylie
22 George Lomax shoots wide!
22 Danny Mitchley sees his shot saved
21* Tom Brown clears corner
21 Corner for Marine
20* Liam Dickinson sees his shot saved
19 Foul by George Lomax on Oliver Crowley
14* Foul by Oliver Roberts
14* John Cofie shoots wide!
12* Foul by John Cofie on Philip Baker
12 Vinnie Bailey caught offside
11 George Lomax shoots but it is an easy save
11* Foul by Liam Dickinson on Peter Wylie
10 Danny Mitchley sees his shot saved
7* Greg Wilkinson shot blocked on route to goal by Kenny Strickland
4 Foul by Billy Smart on Theo Bailey-Jones
3* Liam Dickinson caught offside
1 Handball by Danny Mitchley
1 Kick off - Marine
Stalybridge Celtic
1Walton, Jack  
2Crowley, Oliver  > 36
3Honeyball, Alex  
4Brown, Tom  > 62
5Ashworth, Luke  
7Bailey-Jones, Theo  
8Roberts, Oliver  
9Dickinson, Liam  
10Wilkinson, Greg  
11Cofie, John  > 56
12Charles, Jake  < 56
14Morton, Danny  < 36
15Neves De Celta, Edmilson  
16Julien, Sebastian  < 62
17Chippendale, Aidan