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Total Shots
On Target
Off Target
90 Full Time
90* Aidan Chippendale's shot deflected for a corner
90 Foul by Daniel Shaw on Dale Wright
90 Matt Warburton caught offside
90 3 added minutes
86 Alex Brown forces keeper into a great save!
81* Aidan Chippendale shoots wide!
80 Foul by Niall Cummins on Dale Wright
79* Yellow card for Aidan Chippendale
79* Foul by Aidan Chippendale on Chris Rowney
76* Red card for Aaron Chalmers
76* Yellow card for Aaron Chalmers
76* Foul by Aaron Chalmers on Michael Norton
73* Foul by Bohan Dixon on Connor Hampson
71 Sub: Michael Norton for Simon Woodford
70 Foul by Niall Cummins on Aaron Chalmers
69 Cameron Mason shoots wide!
67* Sub: Aidan Chippendale for Steve Tames
67* Sub: Adam Farrell for Chris Simm
67* Steve Tames caught offside
65* Yellow card for Aaron Chalmers
65* Foul by Aaron Chalmers on Niall Cummins
64 Sub: Cameron Mason for Ryan Brooke
64 Foul by Chris Rowney on Steve Tames
63 Ryan Brooke sees his shot saved
62* Foul by Chris Simm on Alex Brown
61 Jordan Wright shoots into the side netting!
57 Alex Brown clears corner
57* Corner for Stalybridge Celtic
54* Yellow card for Steve Tames
54* Foul by Steve Tames on Simon Woodford
52 Foul by Alex Brown on Alec Mudimu
50 Ryan Brooke heads wide!
50* Yellow card for Dale Wright
47* Foul by Danny Wisdom on Jordan Wright
46* Foul by Chris Simm on Chris Rowney
46* Kick off - Stalybridge Celtic
45 Half Time
45* Foul by Aaron Chalmers on Chris Rowney
44 Chris Rowney heads wide!
44 Corner for Curzon Ashton
42 Niall Cummins shoots over
41* Foul by Peter Wylie on Chris Rowney
39* Corner sent too far
39* Corner cleared for another corner
39* Corner for Stalybridge Celtic
30* Foul by Peter Wylie on Niall Cummins
29* Steve Tames shoots wide!
27 Jordan Wright caught offside
25* Steve Tames caught offside
21 Handball by Niall Cummins
20 Jonathan Hunt nearly put it in his own net - corner
18* Foul by Alec Mudimu on Simon Woodford
11 Matt Warburton caught offside
8* Dale Wright shoots well over the bar
6 Corner sent too far
6 Corner for Curzon Ashton
1* Danny Wisdom clears corner
1 Corner for Curzon Ashton
1 Kick off - Curzon Ashton
Stalybridge Celtic
1Walton, Jack  
2Wylie, Peter  
3Wisdom, Danny  
4Hughes, Matty  
5Higgins, Jack  
6Chalmers, AaronRed Card 
7Dixon, Bohan  
8Wright, DaleYellow Card 
9Simm, Chris  > 67
10Tames, SteveYellow Card > 67
11Mudimu, Alec  
12Johnson, Alex  
14Chippendale, AidanYellow Card < 67
15Crowley, Oliver  
16Burns, Danny  
17Farrell, Adam  < 67