Player Profile - Scott Bakkor (4th Jun 2018 - 26th Feb 2022)
Scott joined Celtic from Skelmersdale United where he held the record for the fastest hat trick scored in the history of the Northern Premier League, when he bagged three against Kendal Town in March 2018. Before Skelmersdale, Scott was in his second stint at Warrington Town whom he joined from Curzon Ashton. Over his five-year career so far, Scott has also played for Colwyn Bay, Marine and Witton Albion. Whilst playing for Witton Albion in 2014, Scott scored twice against Celtic in the Cheshire Senior Cup game. During his first season with Celtic, he was crowned Player of the Year. After a two-season spell, he joined Witton Albion where he scored an impressive five goals in ten games during the curtailed season, before rejoining Celtic in 2021. After three quarters of the season, he left Celtic again, this time to join Warrington Rylands.
7th Jul 1994
4th Jun 2018
26th Feb 2022
Last App
15th Feb 2022
Last Goal
4th Dec 2021
As Sub
Subbed off
Red Cards
Yellow Cards
138 / 351
Average Points
Total Pitch Time
9267 mins
Date Opposition Competition Season H/A Score Lineups Goals Assists R Y Sub
Tue 15 February 2022Nantwich TownNorthern Premier2021/2022H1-5     Off @67mins
Sat 12 February 2022Witton AlbionNorthern Premier2021/2022A0-2      
Tue 08 February 2022Gainsborough TrinityNorthern Premier2021/2022H1-1    On @52mins
Sat 29 January 2022Bamber BridgeNorthern Premier2021/2022A0-2     On @66mins
Sat 22 January 2022FC United Of ManchesterNorthern Premier2021/2022A2-1    Off @83mins
Tue 18 January 2022Barnton FCCheshire Senior Cup2021/2022H4-1     On @71mins
Sat 15 January 2022Scarborough AthleticNorthern Premier2021/2022H0-1      
Tue 11 January 2022Atherton CollieriesNorthern Premier2021/2022H1-0      
Mon 27 December 2021Hyde UnitedNorthern Premier2021/2022H1-1     
Sat 11 December 2021Matlock TownNorthern Premier2021/2022H0-2     
Sat 04 December 2021Basford UnitedNorthern Premier2021/2022A1-1     
Tue 30 November 2021Farsley CelticFA Trophy2021/2022A1-0      
Sat 20 November 2021RadcliffeNorthern Premier2021/2022A2-1      
Sat 13 November 2021BootleFA Trophy2021/2022A3-3      
Sat 30 October 2021Yorkshire AmateurFA Trophy2021/2022H4-1    On @65mins
Sat 09 October 2021Warrington TownNorthern Premier2021/2022A3-0      
Tue 05 October 2021Grantham TownNorthern Premier2021/2022H5-0     
Sat 02 October 2021Stafford RangersNorthern Premier2021/2022H2-1     On @72mins
Tue 28 September 2021Whitby TownNorthern Premier2021/2022A0-1    On @59mins
Sat 18 September 2021Gainsborough TrinityNorthern Premier2021/2022A1-0      
Tue 14 September 2021Scarborough AthleticNorthern Premier2021/2022A0-3      
Sat 11 September 2021Matlock TownNorthern Premier2021/2022A2-1     
Tue 07 September 2021Basford UnitedNorthern Premier2021/2022H0-2     
Sat 04 September 2021AFC ColneFA Cup2021/2022H0-1     
Mon 30 August 2021Ashton UnitedNorthern Premier2021/2022H1-0     
Sat 28 August 2021BuxtonNorthern Premier2021/2022A2-0     
Tue 24 August 2021Lancaster CityNorthern Premier2021/2022A2-0     
Sat 21 August 2021Morpeth TownNorthern Premier2021/2022H2-0     Off @81mins
Tue 17 August 2021South ShieldsNorthern Premier2021/2022H1-3      
Sat 14 August 2021Nantwich TownNorthern Premier2021/2022A3-2     
Sat 07 March 2020Warrington TownNorthern Premier2019/2020H0-2     On @45mins
Tue 03 March 2020Atherton CollieriesLeague Cup2019/2020A4-1     
Sat 29 February 2020Grantham TownNorthern Premier2019/2020A2-0     On @61mins
Sat 15 February 2020Gainsborough TrinityNorthern Premier2019/2020A1-3    On @73mins
Tue 04 February 2020Gainsborough TrinityNorthern Premier2019/2020H1-2     Off @76mins
Sat 01 February 2020South ShieldsNorthern Premier2019/2020H2-2      
Sat 25 January 2020Nantwich TownNorthern Premier2019/2020H0-2      
Tue 21 January 2020Vauxhall MotorsCheshire Senior Cup2019/2020H0-1      
Sat 18 January 2020Basford UnitedNorthern Premier2019/2020H2-3    
Sat 11 January 2020Atherton CollieriesNorthern Premier2019/2020A3-0      
Sat 04 January 2020Scarborough AthleticNorthern Premier2019/2020A1-1     Off @83mins
Wed 01 January 2020Ashton UnitedNorthern Premier2019/2020H0-0      
Thu 26 December 2019Hyde UnitedNorthern Premier2019/2020A1-2     
Sat 21 December 2019Mickleover FCNorthern Premier2019/2020H1-3     Off @68mins
Sat 14 December 2019Lancaster CityNorthern Premier2019/2020A0-0     Off @69mins
Sat 07 December 2019Whitby TownNorthern Premier2019/2020H2-1      
Tue 03 December 2019AltrinchamCheshire Senior Cup2019/2020H2-0      
Sat 23 November 2019BuxtonNorthern Premier2019/2020H2-0     
Sat 16 November 2019Matlock TownNorthern Premier2019/2020A0-1     
Tue 12 November 2019Ashton UnitedLeague Cup2019/2020A1-2    
Sat 09 November 2019Bamber BridgeNorthern Premier2019/2020A2-3    On @57mins
Sat 02 November 2019RadcliffeNorthern Premier2019/2020A1-0    Off @71mins
Tue 29 October 2019South ShieldsFA Trophy2019/2020H0-2     Off @78mins
Sat 19 October 2019Warrington TownNorthern Premier2019/2020A1-2      
Tue 15 October 2019Stafford RangersNorthern Premier2019/2020H0-3     
Sat 12 October 2019Bamber BridgeNorthern Premier2019/2020H3-2      
Tue 08 October 2019South ShieldsNorthern Premier2019/2020A2-1      
Sat 05 October 2019FC United Of ManchesterNorthern Premier2019/2020H2-3     On @55mins
Sat 28 September 2019Witton AlbionNorthern Premier2019/2020A0-1     On @63mins
Tue 24 September 2019Grantham TownNorthern Premier2019/2020H3-2    On @75mins
Sat 21 September 2019RadcliffeNorthern Premier2019/2020H1-3    Off @79mins
Sat 14 September 2019Atherton CollieriesNorthern Premier2019/2020H1-2     
Mon 09 September 2019Basford UnitedNorthern Premier2019/2020A3-0      
Sat 07 September 2019MarineFA Cup2019/2020H0-2      
Tue 03 September 2019West Didsbury and Chorlton AFCFA Cup2019/2020A2-3      
Sat 31 August 2019BuxtonNorthern Premier2019/2020A0-0     Off @81mins
Mon 26 August 2019Ashton UnitedNorthern Premier2019/2020A0-2    
Sat 24 August 2019West Didsbury and Chorlton AFCFA Cup2019/2020H0-0     Off @75mins
Tue 20 August 2019Scarborough AthleticNorthern Premier2019/2020H5-1     
Sat 17 August 2019Mickleover FCNorthern Premier2019/2020A1-0      
Sat 27 April 2019Grantham TownNorthern Premier2018/2019H1-0     
Mon 22 April 2019Hyde UnitedNorthern Premier2018/2019A1-0     Off @80mins
Sat 20 April 2019Warrington TownNorthern Premier2018/2019H1-2      
Sat 13 April 2019Hednesford TownNorthern Premier2018/2019A1-0      
Sat 06 April 2019Basford UnitedNorthern Premier2018/2019H0-2      
Tue 02 April 2019Whitby TownNorthern Premier2018/2019H0-1     Off @79mins
Sat 30 March 2019Farsley CelticNorthern Premier2018/2019A2-1      
Sat 16 March 2019Scarborough AthleticNorthern Premier2018/2019A1-2     
Sat 02 March 2019Nantwich TownNorthern Premier2018/2019A4-2     
Sat 23 February 2019Lancaster CityNorthern Premier2018/2019H1-2      
Sat 16 February 2019Gainsborough TrinityNorthern Premier2018/2019A1-0     
Sat 09 February 2019Witton AlbionNorthern Premier2018/2019H0-2      
Sat 26 January 2019BuxtonNorthern Premier2018/2019A1-1     
Sat 19 January 2019MarineNorthern Premier2018/2019A1-1     
Sat 12 January 2019Hednesford TownNorthern Premier2018/2019H1-0     
Tue 08 January 2019Runcorn LinnetsCheshire Senior Cup2018/2019A1-1     
Sat 05 January 2019Mickleover FCNorthern Premier2018/2019A2-1      
Tue 01 January 2019WorkingtonNorthern Premier2018/2019A1-2      
Wed 26 December 2018Hyde UnitedNorthern Premier2018/2019H2-2    
Sat 22 December 2018Grantham TownNorthern Premier2018/2019A0-1      
Sat 15 December 2018South ShieldsNorthern Premier2018/2019A3-2     
Sat 08 December 2018Stafford RangersNorthern Premier2018/2019H2-2      
Sat 01 December 2018Bamber BridgeNorthern Premier2018/2019A3-0     
Sat 24 November 2018WorkingtonFA Trophy2018/2019H1-2      
Sat 17 November 2018Matlock TownNorthern Premier2018/2019A3-1      
Tue 13 November 2018BuxtonFA Trophy2018/2019A1-2     On @60mins
Sat 10 November 2018BuxtonFA Trophy2018/2019H0-0      
Tue 06 November 2018Witton AlbionNorthern Premier2018/2019A1-3    Off @87mins
Sat 03 November 2018BuxtonNorthern Premier2018/2019H1-1      
Sat 27 October 2018Nantwich TownFA Trophy2018/2019H1-0     
Tue 23 October 2018Lancaster CityNorthern Premier2018/2019A1-0      
Sat 20 October 2018Farsley CelticNorthern Premier2018/2019H2-2      
Sat 13 October 2018Basford UnitedNorthern Premier2018/2019A5-2     
Tue 09 October 2018Scarborough AthleticNorthern Premier2018/2019H2-3    
Tue 02 October 2018Nantwich TownNorthern Premier2018/2019H1-1    Off @80mins
Sat 29 September 2018Gainsborough TrinityNorthern Premier2018/2019H2-1     
Sat 22 September 2018Matlock TownNorthern Premier2018/2019H3-1     
Tue 18 September 2018Hyde UnitedIntegro Cup2018/2019A4-2     Off @64mins
Sat 15 September 2018Bamber BridgeNorthern Premier2018/2019H3-2    
Tue 11 September 2018Whitby TownNorthern Premier2018/2019A2-1     On @52mins
Sat 08 September 2018RadcliffeFA Cup2018/2019A1-0     On @60mins
Tue 04 September 2018South ShieldsNorthern Premier2018/2019H0-1     Off @81mins
Sat 01 September 2018Stafford RangersNorthern Premier2018/2019A2-0     Off @71mins
Mon 27 August 2018WorkingtonNorthern Premier2018/2019H1-0      
Sat 25 August 2018Warrington TownNorthern Premier2018/2019A0-0     
Tue 21 August 2018MarineNorthern Premier2018/2019H3-2    Off @70mins
Sat 18 August 2018Mickleover FCNorthern Premier2018/2019H0-0